Online Event-Management System

If you've ever been in charge of volunteer-staffing a lengthy sporting event, a large wedding or even a big corporate picnic, you know that contacting prospective workers via telephone and keeping track of a master schedule with a clipboard and a pencil is a time-consuming, error-prone task.

VolManager is a system of web-based utilities and reports designed to organize and track job assignments for moderate to large events.

Your password-protected Administrator's utilities allow you to design your sign-up form which is hosted on the VolManager website. The form can contain your event's name, location, and dates as well as a list of jobs and each job's timeslots.

Once your signup form is created, a link to the form can be published using your organization's website, email, or even conventional mail, so that your potential staff can go to the form and sign up for the jobs.

Signup data such as job times and job descriptions as well as the names, email addresses and phone numbers of your staff are recorded in your database. The data is available only to you, through your password-protected administrator's utilities, as a variety of sortable, viewable and printable reports.


The first step to easier event management requires only an email to VolManager Support for a personal demonstration.